éirígí on arrest of Scott Masterson, Paul Murphy and other anti-water charges campaigners

Scott Masterson

Scott Masterson

Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson has slammed the arrest of his party colleague, Scott Masterson, and a number of others on charges of ‘false imprisonment’ of Joan Burton.

Detailing the nature of Masterson’s arrest Leeson said, “At around 7am this morning up to a dozen Gardaí in five vehicles arrived at Scott Masterson’s home. Scott was the only adult in the house getting his two young daughters ready for primary school and pre-school. When Scott’s partner returned to the house, having earlier gone to work, there were eight Gardaí in the house along with Scott and the two children. Scott was then arrested and made to stand in handcuffs on a public road for a number of minutes before being transported to Tallaght Garda barracks.”

Slamming the politically-motivated nature of Masterson’s arrest Leeson said, “Everything about Scott’s arrest smacks of political policing designed to cause maximum disruption to Scott, his partner and their young family. Their decision to carry out the arrest with children in the house on a Monday morning when they knew full well that Scott and his partner were due in work was petty and vindictive. It stands in sharp contrast to the ‘arrest by arrangement’ approach adopted by the state when it comes to arresting bankers and other members of the elite.”

Defending the right to protest Leeson noted, “The blockading of Joan Burton’s vehicle in Jobstown was an entirely justified act of mass peaceful protest. Hundreds of citizens, including Scott Masterson, brought their anger in a controlled and measured way directly to a minister who has been responsible for implementing a programme of brutal, anti-community austerity policies. To stand up against such injustice is an act of patriotism not criminality.

“Today’s arrests are a blatant and crude attempt to criminalise the anti-water tax movement and to frighten and deter others from demanding a better future for their children. Thankfully ever greater numbers of people are seeing through the façade of democracy and justice in this state. For many people today’s arrests will confirm, yet again, that there is one law for the elite and another law for the rest of the population.”

Calling for the immediate release of all those who have been arrested the éirígí chairperson said, “All of those who have been arrested this morning should be released immediately without charge and no further arrests should be made in relation to the Joan Burton protest. There was no crime so there should be no criminal investigation. The resources that the Gardaí and the state have deployed today would be far better used investigating the activities of the banks, the tax-dodging corporations and the other parasites that make up the golden circle.”


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