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What Ireland might look like if the Zionists had’ve gotten hold of it

Palestine solidarity

downloadAs readers will be aware, as well as doing this site I am part of the collective behind Redline, a great little marxist site based way down in New Zealand.

One of the main areas covered by Redline is the struggle for Palestinian liberation and, within that context, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  A number of us at Redline were engaged a few years ago in a campaign to raise funds for the PFLP.  A campaign which, sadly, no longer exists.  However, it managed to raise several thousand dollars in its only too-brief existence.

The Palestine/PFLP connection also fits neatly with this blog because of the solidarity between éirígí and the PFLP.  Indeed, it was an earlier incarnation of Redline which was able to put éirígí in touch with Leila Khaled and the PFLP, although Leila has been banned from entering the twenty-six counties (ironically, she has been able to enter Britain – another case of the neocolonial lackeys sometimes being worse than their imperialist masters!).

Anyway, this is a plug for the Redline coverage of Palestinian and PFLP material, as I keep this site for specifically Irish material.

We have numerous articles up on Redline on the cause of Palestinian liberation and the PFLP, including an interview that was done with Leila as part of the fundraising campaign.

Below are a few pieces:

Remembering George Habash: Palestinian revolutionary intellectual and freedom fighter:

For a world free of racism, imperialism and capitalist exploitation – message from PFLP to 2014 éirígí conference:

Palestinian liberation and the PFLP today – interview with PFLP deputy-general-secretary:

PFLP on the Palestinian Authority:

NZ solidarity activist interview with Palestinian revolutionary icon Leila Khaled:

The case of Ahmad Sa’adat:

Also, check out the Palestine and PFLP categories on the site.

éirígí New Year Statement 2014

imageséirígí extends New Year greetings to our members and supporters in Ireland and overseas.  We also take the opportunity to offer ongoing solidarity to all who stand against the exploitation and domination of capitalism and imperialism across the Earth.

During the course of 2013 our party members and supporters continued to be targeted by the forces of both the Six and Twenty-Six County states.  éirígí offers particular solidarity to all those who were harassed, assaulted, arrested and jailed in pursuit of the struggle for a Democratic Socialist Republic during 2013.  As has been the case for centuries past the determination and courage of the individual republican activist remains the greatest strength of our struggle, a human bulwark which has defended the integrity of the Irish Republican movement since the time of Wolfe Tone.

Our comrade Stephen Murney has now been interned in Maghaberry Jail for over a year.  He and others have been targeted by the British state because of their political beliefs and their political activism.  éirígí repeats its demand for the immediate release of Stephen Murney and all other internees, and again calls for the abolition of the legislation that facilitates the internment of political activist on both sides of the border.

2013 was another challenging year for the Irish working class as the austerity programme of the Leinster House and Stormont regimes heaped further misery upon communities the length and breadth of the country.  Unemployment and enforced emigration remained the tools of choice for a ruling class intent on driving down the living and working conditions of Read the rest of this entry

Free Ahmad Sa’adat Protest, Dublin, Friday, November 29, 6pm

Ahmad Sa’adatTo mark this year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, éirígí will hold a ‘Free Ahmad Sa’adat – End the Occupation of Palestine’ protest outside the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Friday November 29, at 6pm.The similarities of the struggle for national liberation in Ireland and Palestine will be highlighted by the protest which will also demand the release of éirígí’s Stephen Murney.

Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is being held in solitary confinement by the zionist state. He is also being denied all visits by family and friends.

Murney, who turns 30 years of age on Friday November 29, is the imprisoned éirígí spokesperson for the Newry area. On his birthday, he will have been held captive without trial by the British state for one year.

Both men find themselves in prison because of their Read the rest of this entry

PFLP representative speaking at éirígí-organised events

wesam-eirigiComrade Wesam al-Khatib is addressing a series of meetings in Ireland, organized by the socialist republican party, éirígí, which held its annual conference or Ard Fheis in Dublin on November 16. al-Khatib greeted the party on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, expressing mutual solidarity in their common struggles against colonialism and for national and social liberation.

al-Khatib was to have accompanied Comrade Leila Khaled, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, to Ireland. Comrade Khaled’s visa was repeatedly delayed by the Irish government until she could not attend the events. “Ms Khaled’s visa application has been subjected to unexplained and inordinate delays. Those delays were clearly aimed at preventing her from traveling to Ireland Read the rest of this entry

Dublin Government Denies Leila Khaled Entry to Ireland: éirígí Press Release: Friday 15th November 2013

imagesAs the socialist republican party, éirígí, prepares to hold its annual one-day Ard Fheis in Dublin tomorrow (Saturday November 16), the Dublin government has been criticized for failing to grant a senior Palestinian representative entry into the country. 

The éirígíArd Fheis is being held in Wynn’s Hotel in central Dublin and prominent Palestinian leader, Leila Khaled, was due to address the conference. Ms Khaled was to be accompanied to Ireland by Jordanian-based activist, Wesam Al-Khatib. Both were invited to Ireland for a number of engagements, including one at Dublin City Hall on Monday. 

Mr Al-Khatib, who arrived in Ireland earlier today, will now speak at those engagements on Ms Khaled’s behalf.

Leila Khaled is a Read the rest of this entry

éirígí TV

éirígí TV is the official channel of Ireland’s fastest growing revolutionary organisation.  You can look at the range of éirígí videos on it:


Palestinian liberation

Because this blog is dedicated to Irish politics, I don’t post stuff on other issues.  However I have long been involved in Palestine solidarity activity and the other blog I’m involved in, Redline, has a lot of stuff on Palestine.  Because of the close identification of the causes of Irish and Palestinian liberation, I thought readers might be interested in some of the Palestinian pieces.  So here are some links to Palestine stuff on Redline.  This is just a small selection of the 45 or so articles we have up on that section of the blog:

Gaza: bombing without mercy

Statement of PFLP central committee on recent developments (May 2012)

Palestinian grassroots struggle: interview with Nilin activist Saeed Amireh

Israel, Palestine: the one-state solution and the issue of Israeli-Jewish nationhood

Is there are a two-state solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict?

For a campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle

Palestine, Ireland: free the political prisoners

Leila Khaled: MayDay speech, Stockholm 2011

éirígí ard fheis 2012 statement

éirígí held its 2012 ard fheis in Belfast on Sunday, November 18.  The following is the ard fheis statement read by Louise Minihan:

éirígí sends fraternal greetings to our party activists and supporters, both in Ireland and overseas, who cannot join with us here today. We commend them, and all others, who have contributed to the struggle for a free, socialist Ireland over the course of the last twelve months. This Ard-Fheis recognises the sacrifice of those party members who have been arrested, convicted or jailed over the last year as a result of their party activism.

This Ard-Fheis extends solidarity to those who battle against imperialism across our world. From this venue in West Belfast, in the heart of occupied Ireland, we send a message to those people who live under the tyranny of occupation by the United States, Britain, Israel and other imperial powers – your fight is our fight and our fight is your fight; together we can not only challenge but, ultimately, defeat imperialism in all of its many forms. To the Palestinian people in particular we send a strong message of support at this time as they endure yet another onslaught from the Israeli state.

This Ard-Fheis reasserts the right of the people of Ireland to freedom, to collectively decide their own political, economic, social and cultural futures, free from the interference of foreign governments. We reject the right of Read the rest of this entry

PFLP statement on regional and international developments

Following a series of meetings both inside and outside Palestine, the central committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine released a statement on May 16 on regional and international developments; it can be read over on the Redline site, here.