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Liam Daltun (1936-72): a man of great charm and knowledge

LiamDaltunby Mick Healy

Writing about the great events in Ireland (1913 Lockout-1916 Rising) Lenin described the Citizens Army as ‘the first Red Army in the World’ and remarked that the Irish workers had set an example for workers everywhere.  Within a little more than a year of the events of the 1916 Rising a ‘similar body of armed men’ in Russia shook the world. Russian workers carrying rifles and wearing scarlet armbands appeared on the streets of St Petersburg and Moscow. Under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky the insurrectionary seizure of power was organised which led to the founding of the first Workers State.  – Liam Daltun, The Irish Militant, May 1966.

Liam Daltun was born in February 1936 in Westmeath and moved with his family to Ballymun, Dublin in the 1950s. His first employment, for about two years, was in Gael Linn, an organisation founded to foster the Irish language. He spoke Irish with a perfection rarely found outside of the Gaaeltacht. Dalton was a particularly gifted linguist, as he also spoke French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

His association with radicalism went back to his youth when, at 18 years of age, he joined the IRA in 1954. He later left the IRA and operated with the breakaway Joe Christle group (Saor Uladh) during the 1950s republican Border Campaign. The Christle group, including Dalton, blew up nine customs posts along the border in 1956. Around this time he was arrested in Dublin; his trial was held the next day.  At a time when Irish republicans refused to recognise the authority of the courts, he Read the rest of this entry

Republicans of the 1940s and De Valera’s repression of republicanism

Main speaker: Noel Hughes, local historian
14:00 @ The Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin, 15/03/2014
This event is free to the public. Bígí Linn.


Public talk: the 1913 lockout and its heritage


Interview with veteran socialist-republican Frank Keane

The following interview with Frank Keane was carried out by Mick Healy.  Frank was in Sinn Fein in the 1950s and 1960s; a member of the IRA in the early 1960s, including being O/C of the Dublin brigade; subsequently a member of the Irish Workers Group in London (1965-67) and then a founder-member of the Marxist-republican organisation Saor Eire.  The interview appears on the Irish Republican Marxist History Project, along with video interviews Mick is currently building up.

éirígí New Year Statement 2014

imageséirígí extends New Year greetings to our members and supporters in Ireland and overseas.  We also take the opportunity to offer ongoing solidarity to all who stand against the exploitation and domination of capitalism and imperialism across the Earth.

During the course of 2013 our party members and supporters continued to be targeted by the forces of both the Six and Twenty-Six County states.  éirígí offers particular solidarity to all those who were harassed, assaulted, arrested and jailed in pursuit of the struggle for a Democratic Socialist Republic during 2013.  As has been the case for centuries past the determination and courage of the individual republican activist remains the greatest strength of our struggle, a human bulwark which has defended the integrity of the Irish Republican movement since the time of Wolfe Tone.

Our comrade Stephen Murney has now been interned in Maghaberry Jail for over a year.  He and others have been targeted by the British state because of their political beliefs and their political activism.  éirígí repeats its demand for the immediate release of Stephen Murney and all other internees, and again calls for the abolition of the legislation that facilitates the internment of political activist on both sides of the border.

2013 was another challenging year for the Irish working class as the austerity programme of the Leinster House and Stormont regimes heaped further misery upon communities the length and breadth of the country.  Unemployment and enforced emigration remained the tools of choice for a ruling class intent on driving down the living and working conditions of Read the rest of this entry

Sean Heuston Society (Dublin) event: The formation and activities of the Irish Citizen Army, this Saturday (Dec 7)

ICAThis Saturday, 7th December, the Sean Heuston Society are hosting a lecture on the formation and activities of the Irish Citizen Army.
This will take place at 1pm in the National History Museum, Collins Barracks.
This event is free of charge and non-party political.
Kevin Morley, author of A Descriptive History of the Irish Citizen Army, will be main speaker.
Also they will have a descendant of Michael Mallin, who’ll be talking about modern-day revisionists who attempt to apply 21st century standards to men and women born in the 19th century.

Winifred Carney commemoration, Belfast, this Saturday

winifred_carney_nov13_coverCommemoration event for socialist-republican activist Winifred Carney, marking the 70th anniversary of her death and the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Sunday 24th November, assembling at 2.30pm at the gates of Milltown cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast. Bígí Linn.

To read more about Carney, a member of the ITGWU, the Irish Citizen Army, participant in the Easter Rising in 1916, and a socialist-republican until her death, click here.

Book launch of new work on Connolly’s years in Edinburgh

James Connolly’s role in Irish history is well known and celebrated.  However, Connolly also played a prominent part in the ‘New Union’, independent labour and socialist movements in Edinburgh. Allan Armstrong has written the first book looking at Connolly’s years in Edinburgh.

Friday, November 29th, 7.00 pm

Word Power Bookshop

43-5 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh


Public meeting: The founding of the Irish Citizen Army (100th anniversary), Dublin, Sat, Nov 2

Saturday, November 2 at 5.00pm at the Cobblestone, Smithfield

Organised by the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project

Speaker: Dr. Brian Hanley


The next public talk organised by the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project takes place on Saturday 2nd November at 5.00pm in the Cobblestone pub, Smithfield and marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Irish Citizen Army.The Irish Citizen Army was founded in November 1913, almost two months after the commencement of the Lockout.

During the early weeks of the Lockout the Dublin Metropolitan Police brutally attacked workers on the streets of the capital and two workers died as a result of injuries inflicted by police. The ICA armed itself with hurls and batons and its primary role was to protect marches organized by the ITGWU from police attack.

Its membership was Read the rest of this entry

Brian Leeson (chairperson, éirígí) on the legacy of 1913 and the Irish Citizen Army

Light years ahead of the gas-and-water socialists.



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