Roe 4 prisoners on “upsurge in harassment against our visitors”

Statement from Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry gaol (issued by Saoradh POW Dept):

“Over the past number of weeks Republican prisoners have witnessed an upsurge in harassment against our visitors. These escalations in provocative behaviour have now become a routine occurrence, with family, friends and loved ones enduring intimidation from bigoted screws.

“In the past week alone there have been several incidents. In the first one man was dragged from the visits, forcibly strip searched and held in isolation for 48 hours. This was highlighted at the time, but the gaol administration remained undaunted. Subsequently the so-called ‘drug dog’ reacting to visitors has been used to prevent visits from taking place.

“These dogs are notoriously unreliable and, in any case, vindictive handlers can have them ‘indicate’ on a visitor on command. Using these dogs on the visitors of Republican prisoners is baseless intimidation, given that NIPS has long accepted that we do not abuse such substances. These incidents were followed by verbal abuse being directed at another visitor by screws as he left a visit.It is clear that this is a deliberate and concerted effort to attack prisoners through the harassment of our families.

“We wish to make clear that this will not work, as it hasn’t worked in the past.”

Republican prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry gaol.

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