Latest ‘History Ireland’ reveals another early 1970s British agent

The latest issue of History Ireland (Vol 26, no 3, May/June 2018) available yesterday (May 1) has some very interesting articles.

One of the most interesting is by Niall Meehan and Margaret Urwin who reveal a new British agent, Alexander Forsey, in relation to three bombings in Dublin in late 1972 and early 1973.

Forsey was handled by John Wyman MI6, who was also the handler of garda mole Patrick Crinnion, both arrested between 18-19 December 1972. Wyman was, in addition, a handler of the British bank robbers Kenneth and Keith Littlejohn, arrested October 1972.

Arrested by gardai one week before the Wyman-Crinnon arrest, Forsey was not revealed as a British agent. His existence was also not revealed by gardai to the 2003 Barron Inquiry into three 1972-3 Dublin bombings (in November, December, January).

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