Liam Sutcliffe commemoration

On Sunday (December 3) about 100 people attended a special political commemoration for veteran socialist-republican Liam Sutcliffe, who died on Friday, November 3 and whose funeral took place in Dublin on Tuesday, November 7.

See: Liam Sutcliffe: a revolutionary life

and Filmed Interview with Liam Sutcliffe

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  1. Eddie Collins from Derry was to have delivered the oration at the Liam Sutcliffe Commemoration, but he was delayed and so did not speak. A member of RSF gave a short talk about the struggle in 2017. Saoradh or Ealu member spoke on the situation of POWs North and South. Noel Reddigan, an old comrade of Liam’s, sang ‘The Croppy Boy’, Sutcliffe’s favorite song.

  2. Cheers mate. I saw you in a video of the event, walking along with Richard Behal.

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