Stop The Vultures – Dundrum Demands Affordable Homes Now!

Rally: Saturday, August 19th, 2pm @ Dundrum Central Mental Hospital

Rents and house prices in the greater Dundrum area are out of control, pushing families into poverty and out of their own communities.

Developers, landlords and the banks are generating super-profits off the backs of ordinary families in Dundrum, Windy Arbour, Milltown, Churchtown, Nutgrove, Ballinteer, Sandyford and Goatstown.

The government are now attempting to hand over 800 plots of public land to the same vultures that created the current mess! The jewel in the crown of these sites is the 27 acres of lands currently occupied by the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum.

The government intend to use this land to generate tens (and possibly hundreds) of millions of euros of profit for the developers, landlords and bankers.

Instead the land could, and should, be used to provide affordable homes for hundreds of local families for decades to come.

The ‘Stop The Vultures’ protest at 2pm on Saturday, August 19th is calling for:

  1. The Dundrum Hospital site to be used for affordable public housing for local families.
  2. Rent Controls to bring rent in the private sector back to an affordable level.
  3. A dramatic increase in the provision of public housing to provide homes for the hundreds of local families that are on the DLR housing waiting list.
  4. An end to economic evictions where tenants / home-owners are making a genuine effort to pay their rent or mortgages.

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