What’s happening with blog?

I haven’t been doing much on the blog for some weeks. . .

This is partly because of work on Redline blog and partly the interruptions of life in general.  I was away for ten days and tied up with other stuff and then I had a lot of other things to catch up with when I got back home.

I’m currently transcribing some more more Fintan Lalor stuff to go on the blog and then I just have to do some proofing and correcting on Constance Markievicz’s 1923 pamphlet What Irish Republicans Stand For and I’ll get that up.  It would have gone up long ago except I have a print out that I made of it back in the late 1980s and when me and a friend were typing it up I noticed that several lines were missing at the bottom of a number of pages.  I have had to wait several years to be able to get hold of those lines, but I’ve been able to find and fix them.

Then I have a substantial little body of books I need to review.  It is now several years since most of these books were actually published!!!  However, the stuff I tend to read is material that doesn’t date, so the reviews would still be highly relevant.

I’m still very keen to get other people writing for this site.

Also, Redline would love to run a piece on the anti-water charges campaign and its recent sweeping victory.  But everyone I ask is so busy with actual campaigning, no-one has time.  If anyone who reads this blog fancies taking it on, that would be great.

Email redlinemarxists@gmail.com

Redline is a totally independent site, it’s not aligned with any political organisation or tendency.  So there should be no complications in anyone writing for it.



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  1. take your time – don’t stress out over a blog!

    We’ll all be here to read and discuss when you’re ready to start posting again!!!

  2. Hi. Was wondering what you consider the best biography available on Constance Markievicz?

  3. Diana Norman’s ‘Terrible Beauty’, written in the late 1980s is really good, very sympathetic.

    Ann Haverty’s bio of Markievicz came out a little later and has just been re-released. The new edition has some very good added material, as there has been quite an assault on Markievicz in recent years by a few especially loathsome anti-republican types.

    The most recent bio is by Lindie Naughton, ‘A Most Outrageous Rebel’. I just haven’t had the time to read it yet, but I had a few friendly email exchanges with her and her bio sounded like it would be good.

    I don’t think Rotorua or Hamilton public libraries have any of these, although they both have an interesting new book about the Gifford sisters.

    Even Auckland only has a bio from the mid-60s, Anne Marreco’s ‘The Rebel Countess’. It’s OK, but a lot more information has come to light since.

    I guess you could always try to get your local library to order one of the new ones – Haverty or Naughton or both.

  4. Oh, there’s also a new book about her and her sister, Eva, who was involved in suffrage and trade union activities in Manchester. It’s by Patrick Quigley and is called ‘Sisters Against the Empire’. Eva was a pacifist-feminist-socialist.

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