When gardai brutally attacked march on 1st anniversary of Bloody Sunday

Gardai attacking marchers at Garden of Remembrance

Gardai attacking marchers at Garden of Remembrance

by Mick Healy

There was a march in Dublin on the first anniversary of Derry’s Bloody Sunday.  The march started from the burned-out British embassy in Merrion Row. It included more than a thousand supporters of the Irish Civil Rights Association, including a large contingent from the People’s Democracy group.  The marchers aimed to walk peacefully through the city, carrying black flags to the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square, but at the Garden they were confronted with a cordon of over a hundred Garda wielding batons.

The main speaker from the People’s Democracy called for a minute’s silence and asked could the gardai lower the Tricolour in respect to the victims of Bloody Sunday, but the cops refused.  Ciaran McAnally of ICRA told the crowd that the gardai had refused to lower the flag and said they would not interfere with the flag.  He called for a peaceful commemoration, while noting that the Derry dead had been insulted by refusal to lower the Tricolour.

It did not take the Southern state long to get repressive.

Just minutes later scuffles broke out, as young people mounted the 15-foot wall in bid to lower the Tricolour to half-mast. Gardai wielding batons knocked several to the ground below. The police disrespectfully removed the flag completely from the pole and then charged the peaceful crowd. Demonstrators surged forward with stones and bottles were thrown.  Gardai brutally attacked the crowd and did not stop until everyone had been dispersed.  Numbers of people were arrested or taken away by ambulance, including a young Christy Burke.

The Irish Civil Rights Association announced that the wreath that was to be laid at the Garden of Remembrance would be sent to Derry to be placed on the graves of the Bloody Sunday victims.

The commemoration was filmed by a French TV crew.

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