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12919805_208068966231053_5793059032555385241_nSome upcoming events – can members please do their best to attend, and promote events on social media.

1. Tomorrow – Brian Leeson’s Housing Heist public talk, hosted by Dublin 7 Housing Action Committee.

2. Two events this Saturday, 5th November

The Abortion Rights Campaign are putting on a workshop for people who want to help build a Repeal the 8th campaign in Dublin South, taking place in Loretto Community Centre from 10.30am to 1pm.

Remember Terence McSwineyDublin South Central will hold a short and dignified Black Flag Vigil to remember his brave sacrifice on Saturday 5th of November at 3pm on Dolphins Barn Bridge.

3. Saturday, 19th November – Éirígí Dublin South annual Race Night fundraiser in Ollie’s Bar & Lounge, Sandyford.

4. Saturday, 26th November Official launch of the Party’s ‘Public Housing For All’ campaign,which takes place in the Unite office on Middle Abbey St, Dublin.


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  1. If you’re working for abortion rights, don’t let anyone quote the US figures from before snd after Roe v Wade.
    Abortion wasn’t legally available for a number of years after Roe v Wade in many states. The numbers can only be for legal abortions. I couldn’t begin to count the number of girls I knew in school who had illegal (not by a doctor or nurse) abortions. They all did OK.
    Abortion is a surgical procedure and must be done in sterile conditions by trained medical personnel. I’m not a big fan of abortion, but I’m surely not a fan of women having no say over what happens to their bodies.
    Abortion is not an easy decision for most women. They must be able to have the procedure near their home. Unfortunately, abortion is sometimes the best of a lot of bad options. Pregnancy should never be a death sentence for a woman.

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