Protest the water tax with the anti-capitalist bloc

1796561_872018449477240_2618014592067346560_nFrom éirígí:

A Chara,

Just under two years ago, on October 11th 2014, up to 100,000 people took to the streets of Dublin in opposition to the introduction of a regressive domestic Water Tax. Since then hundreds of thousands more people have joined the anti-Water Tax movement. Countless protests, the mass boycott of Irish Water and widespread opposition to water meter installations have forced the temporary suspension of the Water Tax – but it has not yet been defeated.

This Saturday will see thousands of people taking to the streets of Dublin once again to demand the permanent abolition of this unjust tax. There is little doubt that the Fine Gael-led government will be paying close attention to the turnout on Saturday. A big turnout will leave Enda Kenny and his cronies in no doubt that opposition to the Water Tax remains as strong as ever.

Éirígí is therefore asking you to attend the Right 2 Water protest on Saturday if you possibly can.
We are also asking you to encourage your family, friends, neighbours and workmates to also attend. Together we can secure the first victory in the battle to end the asset-stripping of Ireland’s natural resources. A victory on the issue of water will pave the way for future victories in relation to our natural gas, oil, lead, zinc, fisheries, renewable energy resources and other natural resources.

Éirígí activists and supporters will be marching together as a ‘Stop The Natural Resources Robbery / Anti Capitalist Bloc’, assembling at the Sir John Rogerson’s Quay assembly point at 1.30pm. We hope that you, your family and your friends will join with us. Bígí linn. | For a Socialist Republic

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