éirígí launch campaign for EU withdrawal

13307473_1197141990298216_1157554319007110554_nWith the assertion that socialist politics is on the rise in Ireland, particularly in the wake of the Stormont elections, the socialist republican party éirígí now calls upon the progressive and socialist forces in British occupied Ireland to galvanise and deliver a strategic blow to both capitalism and imperialism; by voting ‘LEAVE’ in the upcoming referendum on membership of the European Union.

Speaking from the éirígí party office in West Belfast party spokesperson Pádraic Mac Coitir said:

“The denial of the Irish people to the right of national self-determination is twofold, hindered by the British puppet administration in the North, and the plutocratic EU lapdogs in the south. The dual nature of this occupation by two separate imperialist entities has served to only further subdue the Irish working class to the barbarity of ‘free-market’ capitalism. Austerity agendas have been forced upon the working class in both the six and twenty-six counties resulting in rampant poverty for the many whilst enabling the already enriched upper class elites to further fill their pockets at our expense. We defy those who assert that austerity is a necessity, for in reality it is a weapon of the oppressor in the war for class supremacy.

“The EU has again displayed its malignant intentions to once more enhance the superiority of financial capital to our rights and wellbeing; with the unelected EU commission playing an integral role in the construction of the ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’. The clandestine nature in which TTIP was negotiated is a testament to the EUs undemocratic credentials. With its implementation, the ongoing assault upon our labour rights and public services will intensify with corporations gaining the ability to sue governments over ‘lost profit’ scenarios.

“The struggle for liberation and socialism carries many fronts and the elimination of the EUs imperialist presence in Ireland is one of them. On June 23rd 2016, we in the six counties are being presented with an opportunity to not only rid ourselves from the tyranny of EU, but to trigger a possible crisis within the EU itself which has never experienced the succession of member states- something which would deeply damage the EU’s imperialist crusade. The neo-liberal project that is the EU is antithetical to the ideas of socialism, and moreover to the ideals of the 1916 revolutionaries whose declaration of the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland is denied by the subjugation of Irish laws and Irish courts to that of the EU.

“On the 23rd of June we will be given the opportunity to leave the EU, in the run up to that date éirígí will deliver and display thousands of leaflets and posters throughout the six counties.”

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