Easter Rising executions. . .

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t been putting up stuff about them here, it’s because I’ve been sticking them up on Redline.  Redline usually has over twice the readership of this blog and its readership is overwhelmingly not Irish or Irish solidarity people – so more important to get info up there.

You can also follow stuff on the Phil Duncan facebook page and, of course, check out what éirígí and other anti-GFA groups, local community groups etc are doing.

And, if you’re anywhere in Ireland, or in Britain for that matter, get to the May 12 March for Connolly, taking place in Dublin.

If you’re in Dublin, please try to make it to the éirígí vigil this evening on O’Connell Bridge, 6pm, marking the 35th anniversary of Bobby Sands, IRA Volunteer and MP.  The event will commemorate all ten hunger strikers.


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