Unveiling of ‘Walls of Remembrance’, Dublin, Sunday, April 3


As the controversy over the Glasnevin Trust’s ‘1916 Remembrance Wall’ grows, éirígí have announced plans to unveil their own ‘1916 Rising Walls of Remembrance’ outside the GPO in Dublin at 2pm on Saturday April 3rd. Unlike the Glasnevin Wall the temporary GPO walls will not contain the names of any member of the British military or ‘police’ forces that were killed during the Rising.

Speaking in relation to the initiative Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson said, “The proposed Glasnevin wall is nothing short of a national disgrace and a blatant attempt to further an insidious revisionist agenda. One hundred years after the 1916 Rising and 95 years after a successful counter-revolution the shoneen West-Brit mentality is alive and well in certain sections of Irish society.

“We are unveiling two temporary remembrance walls on April 3rd to give people a focal point to vent their opposition to the Glasnevin Wall and to demonstrate our view of how the Glasnevin Wall should have been constructed. One ‘wall’ will contain the names of all Socialist and Republican combatants who died during the insurrection and a second separate ‘wall’ will contain the names of the civilian dead.

“We feel that both revolutionaries and civilians should be remembered separately, but alongside each other, during this centenary year. It is an inescapable fact that over 200 of our fellow citizens died during the Rising – a reality that the leadership of the Republican forces recognised when making the decision to surrender. The ultimate responsibility for all of these deaths lies with a British state that ruthlessly suppressed the Irish right to self-determination.

“Those who want to commemorate the individual British soldiers and cops that savagely suppressed the Rising should do so without besmirching the names of the Rebel or civilian dead.

Those who want to remember our dead in a dignified and fitting manner are invited to join with us for the unveiling of our ‘1916 Rising Walls of Remembrance’ at 2pm on April 3rd outside the GPO. This will be a family friendly event that we would love people to bring flowers, wreath and appropriate flags along to.”

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