Challenging the construction of republican ‘dissidents’

In the past few days I’ve been in contact with a number of republicans around Ireland and further afield, as part of my attempt to expand this blog’s readership and also to find more people to write for it.

One result is that I came in contact with someone who recently (2013) completed a master’s thesis on how republicans who continue to hold core republican views have been presented by the Provisionals’ leadership (and others – academics, media) as “dissident republicans”.  Larry has kindly agreed that I can use his MA thesis for the blog.

So, over the next couple of weeks, I hope to go through it and start getting it up on the blog.

I am trying to put aside time to work on a feature piece on Fintan Lalor and the Irish Revolution, as well as a bunch of reviews which I have been meaning to write over the past couple of years and haven’t, as other aspects of life have intervened continuously, as they are wont to do. . .

Once again, I am very keen to get other people involved in writing stuff for the blog.


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