Shinners sink to new depths. . . or just the same oul’ shite

McGuinness and Britain's chief 6-County cop George Hamilton

McGuinness and Britain’s chief 6-County cop George Hamilton

by Philip Ferguson

On the night of August 6, as part of Feile an Phobal, the West Belfast Community Festival, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness shared a platform, and a warm handshake, with the head of the British state’s police in the six counties, George Hamilton.

Hamilton has obviously been well-schooled in the language of political correctness that they teach in police forces across the western capitalist world these days.  Thus, he said things like “Just because I am the chief constable does not mean that I am not prepared to accept that there were serious problems in policing in the past, I do.”

McGuinness and the British 'queen'

McGuinness and the British ‘queen’

And, “Fear does not make peace – courage, optimism, belief is where peace is made. . .

“I think we need to be brave and courageous, easy words to say. I think we need to believe in our ability to continue to build a safe, confident, peaceful society together.

“To do so we have to face our fears, to go beyond our comfort zones, to be selfless, to be generous, to be gracious, to be ready to listen to each other and to have challenging and respectful conversations.”

McGuinness and Ian Paisley

McGuinness and Ian Paisley

McGuinness meanwhile has exchanged the language of militant republicanism for the language of counselling and therapy.  He saw the evening as “another act of reconciliation” and stated “I think George Hamilton is as passionate about the peace process as I am.

“. . . republicans,” McGuinness said, “. . . will have their particular unique contribution to make. As a republican, I am prepared to make that contribution.”

Of course, McGuinness has already proven that by being the British state’s number two man in Stormont and helping oversee the continuing British presence in the north, with whatever elements of repression that entails, and thus the maintenance of partition.

But the Shinners, who are the main political current involved in the organisation of the festival, didn’t just welcome the head of the PSNI/RUC.  They went that extra mile by helping the cops with ‘security’ at the event, as over a hundred protesters gathered outside the venue.  As the Anti-Internment League reported the next day:

“. . . prominent members of Sinn Fein closed off barriers under instruction from and accompanied by senior PSNI personnel. One low-level SF member also attempted to seize a Collusion banner held by families before being physically resisted. Protestors refused to be intimidated, and continued our protest within the grounds, of property open to the public.

“The actions of Sinn Fein’s on duty security team and Feile paid-staff assisting the heavily armed PSNI, led by Harry Connolly, John Trainor, Rory Dougan and underling Seosamh McKee, is indicative of the modern day Broy Harrier-style tactics of this party. While their party leaders sat inside pretending to show concern for those affected by political policing, the same party were outside standing shoulder to shoulder with the very force that is continuing to abuse, assault, target and imprison members of Republican Communities across the Six Counties, as directed by MI5.”

These types of activities certainly go further than the SDLP went in even its most supine days as the Stoop Down Low Party.  Turns out the Shinners are the Stoop Down Even Lower Party!



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