Big victory for gay rights

11269286_989326261079791_5893754339816510698_nThe south of Ireland has given a resounding ‘yes’ to equal marriage rights.  The vote has gone roughly 62% for, 38% against.  In Dublin the vote is more like 70-30 and in some of the big working class areas voting booths have even shown support as high as 80%. Only one constituency – Roscommon/South Leitrim – recorded a ‘no’ majority and it was very narrow. images (1)While the Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist churches called for a ‘no’ vote, they – especially the Catholic hierarchy – no longer have the power to determine the outcome of referenda on social issues.  The tide finally began to turn on these reactionaries in the early-mid 1990s and is now clearly moving with the forces of modernisation and liberalisation. At the same, it is important to recognise that the dominant section of the establishment in the south is now the liberal bourgeoisie.  They’re all for gay rights, but are utterly anti-working class.  They continue to impose vicious austerity on the working class.  The fight against them will be even harder than the fight against the reactionary religious hierarchies.


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