Vigil for victims of British state terror, Dublin, Tuesday, May 19, 6pm, GPO

WhiterockAs Charles Windsor, the Colonel-in-Chief of the British Parachute Regiment, visits Ireland we remember the victims of British state murder including the five Irish citizens who were murdered by the Paras in the Springhill area of Belfast on the 9th of July 1972. Among the dead were a priest and three children.

Does anyone think RTE will be asking Paratrooper Charlie about his connections to the Parachute Regiment and their murderous attacks on civilians in Derry, Ballymurphy, Springhill and elsewhere?

British agents bombed Dublin, May 17, 1974

British agents bombed Dublin, May 17, 1974

We also remember that on May 17 1974, British agents planted three no-warning car bombs in Dublin and one in Monaghan. The Bombs exploded during the evening rush hour, claiming the lives of 34 innocent Irish Citizens and injuring over 300 more. Britain’s agents escaped unharmed and have never been brought to justice.

Over the years the British Government has maintained a cover up designed to hide the facts surrounding the bombings and have continued to refuse to make its files on the bombings public. This is a cover up that goes right to the top of the British establishment, a cover up that the Gardaí and successive administrations here in the 26 counties have been complicit in. A cover up that continues to this day!

After 41 years, it is time for Britain to tell the truth about its actions. More importantly, it’s time to ensure that the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings and their families, get the justice they deserve but have been denied for so long.

Justice delayed is Justice Denied!

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