Charles Windsor, British parasite extraordinaire, visiting Ireland, May 19-22

A couple of German-Greek-British parasites and a wee coterie of Irish shoneens

A couple of German-Greek-British parasites and a wee coterie of Irish shoneens; all delighted to see each other

by Shan Van Vocht

People in the twenty-six counties are about to enjoy the dubious privilege of a short visit by one of the world’s leading parasites and frontmen for militarism, Charles Windsor, the “prince of Wales” and heir to the absurd British “throne”.

Like royal visits of old – think Victoria “the famine queen” and “King” George V – Mr Windsor, the “colonel-in-chief of the Paratroop Regiment without doing any actual paratroop fighting himself, will be welcomed by, in the words of éirígí, “the assorted royalists, shoneens and West Brits that make up the political establishment in the Twenty-Six Counties.”  These lickspittles will, notes éirígí, “work themselves into a proper royal frenzy over the visit of Paratrooper Charlie and his wife. Have your sick-bags at the ready.

“The airwaves and print media will be full of soft-focus ‘news’ about the visit, seeking to portray Windsor as a celebrity tourist visiting the usual haunts along the west coast. And we’re going to hear an awful lot about him visiting the spot where his grand-uncle, ‘Lord’ Mountbatten, was executed – cue the tears of a Prince.

“But you can be damn sure we won’t hear very much about the hundreds of thousands of people who have died as a direct result of British imperialism over the course of Paratrooper Charlie’s lifetime. The state and corporate media won’t be giving us wall-to-wall coverage of the tears of the countless relatives whose loved ones were murdered by the British military. And they won’t be highlighting the extremely close links that exist between the British military and the British ‘royal family’.”

Among those throwing out the welcome mat will be the ex-republicans of Sinn Fein, the new stoop-down-low party.  The ard chomhairle of Britain’s new co-management company voted yesterday (Sunday) to attend events thrown to honour the faux-paratrooper Windsor.  Of course they did.  Having agreed to the loyalist veto over Irish sovereignty, having agreed to the policing boards and sitting on them, having agreed to encourage people to join and help re-image the cops in the north, and having been encouraging people to inform on those who continue to militarily resist British occupation and rule, it is completely consistent for the ex-republicans to agree their leadership can schmooze the British monarchy.

While attempting to partly cover his republican flank by briefly mentioning that the Parachute Regiment had been involved in state-organised murder kin Ireland, Gerry Adams stated that Charles had suffered too, by losing his great-uncle who was blown up by the IRA in 1979.  Sounding, as he often does these days, like some new-age charlatan, Adams talked about the need to “develop the healing process”.

In this new-age narrative, everyone is a victim.  From the peaceful demonstrators shot down in Derry in January 1972 to the citizens who died when the British bombed Dublin and Monaghan thrity-one years ago this month, to British occupation forces killed by the IRA and INLA, to ‘Lord’ Mountbatten.  And the rest of us are all ‘grievers’ who need ‘healing’ through a process presided over by a good doctor, that part being played by Gerry Adams.

Joining in the shoneen welcome for Charles Windsor is just one more indication of how the Shinners aren’t about changing the system; the system is about changing them.  And those who administer the system must be very pleased.  Their welcome for the heir to the British – possibly soon to be merely English – throne also gives us another insight as to what they’ll be like when they enter government in Dublin.

On the brighter side, the new stoop down low folks have run into problems in the north, as shown in the British general election.  For the first time since the late 1990s – and we’re talking about a lot of elections (local body, Euro, British general elections and Assembly elections), the Shinners’ vote has stalled.  And in West Belfast their vote actually went down by over 16 percentage points, most of the loss going to Gerry Carroll of the Socialist Workers Party’s People Before Profit electoral front.

While the rather moderate reformism of PBP isn’t much of an improvement over the new stoop-downs of Sinn Fein, it is a significant marker.   It’s a pity that socialist-republicans in the area did not try to co-operate and put forward a unity candidate who could have provided a much more left and republican alternative.  Nevertheless the vote for Gerry Carroll shows the level of dissatisfaction with the Shinners and that there are thousands of people in this republican stronghold who are prepared to consider alternatives to the left of the ex-republican party.

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