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Just a short note on the future of the blog.

In the past, up til about a year ago, I tried to get heaps of stuff up on the site and cover lots of small things that were happening in Ireland.  However, it’s proved to not be possible to keep doing this and attempting to do so has become exhausting and also gotten in the way of having time (and energy) to get up more substantial stuff.

So, from now on, I won’t be making any attempt to cover various events as they happen within Ireland.  Instead I’ll put in links to stories on particular struggles maybe once a week – or once a fortnight if not much is happening at any time – from socialist-republican sites.  They have members on the ground involved in these struggles and do much more ongoing articles on them than I ever could.

Instead I’m going to concentrate on:

  • Historical material

  • Occasional in-depth work on particular contemporary issues of Irish politics and political economy

  • Book reviews

At the end of this year, I’ll also review whether it’s worth continuing the blog.

In the meantime, I’m really keen to run book and film reviews that anyone might fancy contributing, anything on the Irish economy/ies, the new political dispensation in the six counties, historical material, etc etc.


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  1. Realize it’s hard, very hard at times to find the right material for a blog. Support your decision for “meatier” posts at longer intervals of time and hope you decide to keep on at the end of your year’s assessment

    We all have our part to play but I appreciate you may decide yours lies elewhere

  2. It will always lie with Ireland.

    If I stopped this blog, I would write for the eirigi site.


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