éirígí calls for building of radical campaign against cuts in the 6 Counties

The following statement has been released by éirígí

stop-stormont-cuts-orange1In December 2010 Stormont agreed a budget that would see £1,500,000,000 (£1.5Billion) slashed from our public expenditure. They have implemented this budget without hesitation and wreaked havoc across working-class communities in the Six Counties, with one Stormont Minister commenting that, “It would be a good Christmas present for the people…”.

The Stormont coalition partners, Sinn Féin and the DUP, oversaw an economy where more than 100,000 people currently want meaningful work but cannot get it. 1 in every 4 young people aged 18-24 are without a job. 1 in every 5 children lives below the poverty line – this figure increases to 43% of children in West Belfast. Families struggle to pay for basic necessities such as food, heating or clothing. 21% of Pensioners also live in poverty. Nearly 40,000 households sit on housing waiting lists. They have closed the City Hospital Accident & Emergency department and the MS respite unit at Dalriada. Further closures are to come for minor injury units in Armagh, Whiteabbey and Bangor. Beds at the Mid-Ulster Hospital, Downe Hospital and Lagan Valley will be axed, adding additional strain across the board.

Not content, and in order to squeeze every remaining penny from the working class people of the Six Counties, Sinn Féin and the DUP are now in the process of wrapping up another Christmas present for all of us, with massive implications.

Under the guise of another “brave” budget, they will slash a further £750,000,000 from our already beleaguered economy every year for the next four years, meaning a cumulative CUT of approximately £1.5 Billion and additional misery heaped upon the less well off.

It has been estimated that we will lose 1,100 University places as a direct result of the decisions made by Sinn Féin and the DUP, meaning an already disenfranchised youth will see further drastic measures and curbed opportunities.

Child Benefit will be cut with 242,000 families suffering the consequences. Working & Child Tax Credits will be slashed – ALL families in receipt will be affected. 66,000 people unable to work due to illness or disability will each lose £3,500 per year. Water meters are already being installed in all new-builds and the implementation of water charges is up for review. Thousands of public sector jobs will be slashed. In response, Unions are planning joint strikes across affected services. No-one will escape unscathed.

These are the same political parties that actually want to REDUCE taxation on the rich – and it looks like we’re the ones they want to pay for it.

The only short term solution to our economic woes is to increase funding and investment in public services. Increase the minimum wage to an actual living wage, enabling working people to spend more money in our economy. Increase the building and allocation of social housing. Create jobs and guarantee a home for all. Increase taxation for those that can afford it and use the money to invest in social programmes like childcare, community based initiatives and youth provision. The estimated £30Billion spent on Imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could have gone a long way toward achieving this.

We need to create a democratic socialist economy built from the community out and not one built around the financial institutions, controlled by big bankers and speculators whose primary motive is to profit and gain at our expense. We, the working people of Ireland, are the wealth creators. It is our economy, and it is controlled by a rich minority for their own ends, aided and abetted by the political parties in the elegant and well-polished corridors of Stormont.

This most recent Stormont budget, which has been agreed by Sinn Féin and the DUP, will be implemented in the New Year and should mark the beginning of the end for the ‘Cuts Coalition’. Communities in this part of Ireland, like their counterparts across this island, will no longer be fooled by the pseudo-radicals of old. This budget will be remembered as the point at which the tide turned.

éirígí calls upon all progressive groups and organisations, community groups, individuals, collectives and none, to mobilise and start building a radical campaign to defeat the Sinn Féin and DUP budget. Only with a diverse and broad based campaign, and one not controlled by the selfish interests of any one political party can we finally begin a meaningful fight-back.

Join us in the fight against Stormont cuts.

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