PSF Paint Over the Miriam Daly Mural Yet Eulogise Arch Bigot Paisley

0cadcf36-4d2e-4b83-adb9-3fae155aae01_zps9d361eb3The piece below is reprinted from The Plough and the Stars blog, here; all I can add is my disgust that the Miriam Daly mural has been painted out of existence

No doubt the anti-revisionist message of the iconic Vol Miriam Daly memorial mural now painted over on Oakman Street, West Belfast today was lost on Provisional Sinn Fein on the very day they publicly eulogised arch-bigot Paisley, yet appear to be attempting to revise out the the role and memory of British death-squad victim, Irish Republican Socialist activist, Miriam Daly.

A local IRSP member approached those responsible asking why they were painting over the mural and was given the rather spurious excuse that there was ‘graffiti’ at the street level area of the mural.  The IRSP member stated that this hardly warranted the total erasing of the entire mural!


The eyesore that has hastily replaced the Miriam Daly memorial mural. Not surprisingly, its message seems to reinforce individualism, alienation and powerlessness.

Miriam Daly, a respected academic, a leading co-founder of the then nascent RACs/H-Block/Armagh Committees was slain by an undercover British death-squad on the 26th June 1980, in the most horrific of circumstances.  The death-squad gunmen who callously murdered Miriam Daly, bound the mother of three and then waited at her home in Andersonstown, hoping to also murder her fellow IRSP and H-Blocks’ activist husband, Jim, who they were expecting to return from work. However, on that tragic day, June 26th 1980, Jim was in Dublin attending a German language course and it is assumed that when the British death-squad realised that he would not be returning, they shot Miriam dead before making good their escape.  The Daly children discovered their murdered mother when they returned from school and it can only be imagined how traumatic and heartbreaking an experience that was for the young Dalys.  It should also be mentioned that Miriam’s son was one of the original artists involved in painting the memorial mural that was one of the first and most iconic murals in West Belfast.

Doubly ironic is the fact that the Miriam Daly mural that is now painted over, is situated just a few hundred yards from the ‘Collusion Wall’ that lists British state collusion in the murders of Irish Republican Activists and Catholic civilians.  Jim Daly, grieving husband of Miriam Daly, stated in the aftermath of the state-sponsored murder of his wife:

“She came very much to the notice of agencies that were poking their noses in here, for sure. That’s why she was targeted. She had a tremendous energy and never stopped. People called her in the middle of the night to come to an RUC station to help out, while relatives would phone her to find out where their loved ones were. She never stopped. It was amazing how much dedication she had. She was always upbeat and confident and optimistic. If there is an opposite to demoralise, she moralised people.”

In foul contrast, Fascist arch-bigot Ian Paisley whose concerted hate-mongering and rabble rousing undoubtedly contributed to the normalisation and promotion of British state-sponsored murders,  is being publicly eulogised by Provisonal Sinn Fein, most prominently by his fellow Chuckle Brother, McGuinness:


Words of praise for dead bigot Paisley from McGuinness

“Their bonhomie was evident at the many public functions which they attended together, leading to them being dubbed the “chuckle brothers” by some.  Mr McGuinness added: “I learned with deep regret and sadness of the death of former First Minister the Rev. Dr Ian Paisley.” (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

Unfortunately, there appears to be no tears for, or ‘rising above’ enmities, where Miriam Daly is concerned by those intent in airbrushing out the prominent role Irish Republican Socialists played in the campaign against criminalisation in the H-Blocks, the struggle against British imperialism and the fight for a Workers’ Republic.

Saoirse go deo!


Sign the Reinstate the Miriam Daly Mural! Here

A non-party Facebook campaign to reinstate the Miriam Daly memorial mural can be accessed by clicking this link

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  1. Comrade, as a fellow Republican Socialist I welcome your inclusion of my article on your blog and quite obviously share your revulsion at this blatant attempt at both political and cultural revisionism/vandalism.

    The new ‘de-motivational’ mural also features a tribute to Jeffrey Ross Hyman aka ‘Joey Ramone’. The Ramones punk/new wave unique style of music, of which I’d count myself as a fan, does indeed deserve recognition, in fact the first album I ever bought as a child was a vinyl copy of their seminal ‘Ramones’ album.

    However, there are ample more appropriate sites for this type of mural (perhaps a music venue or cultural centre) and it certainly should not be used to erase the iconic memorial mural to Miriam Daly, a fearless anti-imperialist, respected academic, feminist socialist, wife and mother, that was one of the earliest and most visited political mural in W/Belfast. How many visitors will wish to see the hotch-potch left in it’s place? I pass it several times per day and have yet to see any of the usual mural tours stopping at it or conflict interest tourists going any where near it.

    Thankfully Vol Miriam Daly’s role and memory will never be forgotten by me or other genuine Irish Republican Socialists.
    Saoirse go deo!

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