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imagesI had hoped, now that I’m unemployed, to have more time for the blog, but it’s amazing how the day fills up with other work.  Also, until a day ago, my only means of accessing a computer and the internet was by walking over the hill to the little port library which has five computers for public use.  Now, however, I have a laptop, although I currently can’t really afford to hook up to the internet.

Anyway, I have been thinking quite a bit about the future of this blog.

It did occur to me to wind it up, and offer anything I wanted to write about Ireland to the éirígí site, as some time ago I became a member of Clann éirígí and have been heavily involved in producing the Clann’s bulletin.

However, the site has a core group of readers and it does argue some politics of its own: for instance, I support a woman’s right to choose on abortion and I think that should be the party position.  I also think that the left-republican groups should form a united committee to plan for Easter 1916 events.  I think it would be bordering on criminal if each group simply organises its own events.

Imagine 1916.  Pearse leads the Irish Volunteers out one day in one place.  Connolly leads the ICA out another day in another place.  The two movements never speak or co-ordinate.  Crazy, huh?  Let’s hope that the left-republican groups don’t adopt such an approach to commemorative events, especially for the 100th anniversary.

Well, let’s not just hope; let’s argue for an ard comhairle of representatives of the various organisations to organise national events and, at local level, comhairle ceantair or cúigí to organise district or regional events.

Anyway, back to the blog and you.

As well as having a core group of readers and subscribers and arguing for some specific things that are not formal policy of the specific political current I support, there are other things that this blog can do.  Here is one of the main things I’m thinking of.  A friend in Belfast regularly sends me pdfs of articles about Irish history, society and economy, most especially stuff about the north.  I simply don’t have time to read it all, let alone put up stuff on the blog about it, yet a lot of it involves quite important research.

It would be great if a few folk would like to take on the task of reading some of these pieces and writing summaries/critiques (where appropriate) of the articles.  I could then put their summaries/critiques up on the blog.

Also, I’m still looking for a few people to form a little ciorcal to do research into the Irish economy, dealing with political economy across the island as there are two Irish economies, and writing up the research.

Lastly, I want to get up some more historical material, starting with stuff by Fintan Lalor, which people could help type up.

If you’re interested in any of this, contact me by email: or leave a note in the comments section underneath this piece.


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