A further thousand hitter

The article on the Easter Rising and the myth of the ‘blood sacrifice’ has now gone over 1,000 hits – 1,017 as I write this.  It is at: https://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/the-easter-rising-and-the-blood-sacrifice/

Along with About (and, of course, Home Pages), below are the actual articles that have had over 1,000 hits:

The burning of the British embassy – 40 years on
Women’s rights and the national struggle, 1916-1922
Politics and the rise of historical revisionism
Saor Eire – Marxist and republican
The New IRA and socialist-republicanism in the twenty-first century
Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography
A history of the Provisional Republican Movement – part one of three
The Easter Rising and the ‘blood sacrifice’

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  1. Monty Gerhardy

    Congratulations – you’ve got as many hits as Erigi got votes in the local elections.
    Sums up the relevance of the argument.

  2. Not quite right Monty.

    I’ve got about 84,000 hits. Not great, but not too bad for a modest wee blog with no resources and that has only been going a couple of years.

    Regarding votes, I wonder how many votes the party you support got the very first time it ran.

    eirigi has a long way to go, but it’s started by heading in the right direction: socialist-republicanism.


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