Catching up

There has been very little new stuff going up in recent weeks.  This is because I have been absolutely swamped at work.  This situation is likely to continue for about another two weeks, then I’m hoping to be able to get new stuff up again.



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  1. don’t worry Phil – we all have times like that. Meanwhile relax and enjoy the latest posts on

  2. Glad to see you back, have not had much time to post myself as well. There’s plenty in your archives to keep us reading in the meantime!
    Hope all is well- Miceal

  3. Extremely busy at work, plus I’m trying to sell my old man’s house for him as he’s gone into a rest home. Plus, the central city is still in bits from the earthquakes. In September it will four years since the first big one, but it will be 15 years before the central city is rebuilt. Travelling around the city is still a problem as they are re-doing a lot of streets. Plus I’ll be redundant in a month. Looking forward to starting a new life, but lots of stuff to do related to that as well.


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