Cork Volunteers Pipe Band

Veteran socialist-republican Jim Lane has written a substantial piece on the 100th anniversary of the the founding of the Cork Volunteers’ Pipe band by Tomás MacCurtain.  You can read it here:

Readers might also be interested in some related links –

Desmond Swanton commemoration 1964:

Tomás MacCurtain funeral:

And this site, among others, has Mick Healy’s interview with Jim Lane:



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  1. other links you might like are 1) the autobiography of seamus linehan, one of the band members who was imprisoned in Crumlin Road jail belfast after he was captured during operation harvest (the 1956-62 IRA border campaign)
    Read about it here

    and 2) interestingly used the story of Seamus’s early childhood (but not his pictures) to make the point of the post in

    Seamus and his son Pat were delighted as they said in the comments

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