Martin Corey released. . . with anti-democratic conditions

MAfter what amounts to nearly four years of internment Martin Corey was finally released from Maghaberry on January 15.  He had been incarcerated on secret evidence gathered by secret police and held without a charge or a trial since April 2010.

The British Government, secretary of state and all those involved in the internment of Martin Corey showed contempt for democratic and human rights and were essentially involved in a despotic policy of ruling by decree.

The Release Martin Corey Campaign has thanked everyone who was involved in supporting Martin, such as the countless activists who stood on picket lines and those who went to jail themselves to highlight Martin’s case.

Martin is a republican activist from Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  At age 19, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 1973 and spent the next 19 years of his life in jail until he was finally released, without signing anything in June 1992.  Then, without warning, on April 16, 2010, he was taken back into custody.  No reason for his re-arrest and incarceration has ever been given to him, his lawyers or the public.

It can only be assumed that his incarceration is because he is an uncorrupted republican activist, a person who continues to believe in the right of the Irish people as a whole to self-determination, including the ownership of Ireland, and is a partisan of Republican Sinn Fein (RSF).  Martin’s incarceration, like the imprisonment of Marian Price (of the 32-County Sovereignty Movement) and Stephen Murney (of éirígí) is part and parcel of the process codified in the Good Friday and St Andrews Agreements.  Active critics of the process by which the mass of the Irish people continue to be denied self-determination by British intervention and control can expect ongoing harassment on both sides of the border and, especially in the north, imprisonment without charge and/or without trial.  Welcome to the shiny new ‘Northern Ireland’.

It’s great that Martin is out, but his release is not due to any goodwill on the part of the state and its political bosses who imprisoned him.  It is the result of a political campaign that has embarrassed the Brits and, most recently, preparations to take his case to the European Court, which could create major embarrassment for the British government.

Jubilation at his release is, however, accompanied by outrage at the totally anti-democratic restrictions which have been imposed in relation to his rights to free speech and free movement.  Martin is threatened with being re-imprisoned if he talks to the media or if he returns to Lurgan or goes anywhere near the town!

So the attempts to silence this uncorrupted republican continue.  And, of course, this is also about sending a message to all critics of the current political stitch-up in the six counties.  Watch out or you too could be interned without charge and/or trial.


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