Another 1,000 hitter, another 2,000 hitter

Another blog piece has just reached 1,000 hits, namely Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography.  This makes six pieces that now have 1,000 or more hits (as well as, obviously, Home Page and About).  Meanwhile, Politics and the rise of historical revisionism has become the third piece to reach 2,000 hits.

The top three, each with over 2,000 hits, are:

The burning of the British embassy – 40 years on

Saor Eire – Marxist and republican

Politics and the rise of historical revisionism

And those in the 1,000-1,800 hits range are:

Women’s rights and the national struggle, 1916-1922

The New IRA and socialist-republicanism in the twenty-first century

Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography



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