Interview with veteran socialist-republican Frank Keane

The following interview with Frank Keane was carried out by Mick Healy.  Frank was in Sinn Fein in the 1950s and 1960s; a member of the IRA in the early 1960s, including being O/C of the Dublin brigade; subsequently a member of the Irish Workers Group in London (1965-67) and then a founder-member of the Marxist-republican organisation Saor Eire.  The interview appears on the Irish Republican Marxist History Project, along with video interviews Mick is currently building up.


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  1. Thanks for posting lads. Just a pity we live in a political and judicial climate where ex-voulenteers can’t speak freely about past historical actions for fear of getting charges rehashed against them.
    I hope you keep this project going and get as much information as possible documented. I’m fairly interested in the 1940’s era and there is so little to work with other than rare books which are out of print.

    • I’d like to see interviews with Ivor Bell and Anne Boyle, if they were prepared to speak now.

      Plus a number of other interesting people, like Sean Doyle down in Wicklow.

      Actually, it would have been great to have done a video interview with Ruari. Unfortunately, too late now. The passing of that generation leaves a big gap.


  2. Special thanks to Philip Ferguson for all the help with the Frank Keane interview.

  3. Cheers Mick. But all this stuff was basically your idea. It’s all coming along nicely, although it’s a pity Frank would only do an audio interview.


  4. Frank Keane did a visual interview but he was not happy with the final result. It’s a shame because he goes into more detail about Saor Eire.I will keep in touch with Frank and hopefully do some more recording with him.

    • Great interview!
      Keane is an intriguing volunteer, its interesting to hear his take on things.
      Though you can tell he’s choosing his words carefully as the interview goes on (with good reason). Even if you don’t publish it, its good you have the other version on hand for the record.

  5. Working on our next video . An interview with Terry Moore a old comrade of Philip’s.
    If Bas gets the time it should be up in a few days.
    Could we see a Philip interview yet?

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