Not much new, original stuff has been going up on the blog recently because I have been quite otherwise engaged.  However, I should soon have a bit more time.  I’m hoping to write something on last week’s BBC1 Panorama episode on the British Army murder squad that operated in Belfast in the early 1970s to assassinate IRA members.  (I had hoped to get something up very quickly about the programme, but didn’t manage to.)  And I’ve got a couple of reviews, promised long ago, I hope to get finished.  Plus I hope to get Markievicz’s 1923 pamphlet What Republicans Stand For, promised about two years ago (ugh!), finally up on the blog.  Next week I have a very full-on schedule of work-work and meetings, but the week after (starting Dec 12) should be good for doing more than re-blogging and events.

And, of course, I welcome written contributions from a socialist-republican/Marxist-republican standpoint.  So if anyone else would like to write up a review of the Panorama programme, that would be great!


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  1. looking forward to seeing your next post. In the meantime i hope you will enjoy some of the posts on eurofree3.wordpress.com which also refers to the panorama documentary, has a review of “In the footsteps of Anne” we broke Armagh, it didn’t break us- as well as some other posts about loyalists and the current situation in northern ireland

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