Radical politics of the late 1960s, 1970s: Marxists, anarchists and Saor Eire

What looks to be a very interesting public meeting on the above subject is taking place at 7.30pm, on Thursday evening, September 12 in the Cobblestone Pub, 77 Kings Street North, Smithfield, Dublin 7.                                                                  

This event will commemorate the Irish left-republicans groups of the 1960s-70s.  There have been many, usually distinguished by their small size and anti-imperialist views on the Irish national question and a commitment to workers’ power.  Through the politics of the national question, these groups occasionally reached beyond their small numbers, cultivating the tradition inspired by James Connolly who argued that the national question is also a social question.


Alan MacSimoin (longtime class-struggle anarchist and ex-Workers Solidarity Movement)

John McAnulty (former People’s Democracy Belfast City Councillor)

Following the contributions of each of the speakers, there will be a Q&A session.  A number of Saor Eire veterans will be in attendance and will take part in the discussion.  These include Frank Keane (who was also a former IRA Dublin Brigade O/C), Des Keane and Liam Sutcliffe.

Charlie O’Neill and Simon O’Donnell have also been invited.

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    Should be an interesting and informative meeting.

  2. Philip if you could mention in the above that Frank Keane, Des Keane ,Liam Sutcliffe and hopefully Charlie O’Neill -Simon O’Donnel (former Saor Eire) will attend the meeting in the Cobblestone in September.

  3. Cheers, Mick. I’ve added them in. Are you sure about Simon’s surname? Also I was going to put in a note that the meeting was being organised by you and Bas and a contact email, for anyone who wanted further information. Email me privately, or text me, if you want me to add that info in, too. But I’ll keep updating the meeting info anyway and put the ad at the top of the blog from time to time between now and Sept 12.


  4. Philip it is Simon O’Donnell

  5. Cheers Mick.

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