Statement by Maghaberry POWs

Statement on Controlled Movement from Roe 4 Republican POWs

Recently Republican prisoners in Maghaberry have been subjected to an intensely restrictive regime which has resulted in intense controlled movement whereby only one prisoner accompanied by three screws is allowed out on the landing at any time.

This has virtually ground the regime to a halt and Republican prisoners are facing long delays in every aspect of their routine.

Cells are not opened to as late as 11 am, access to the phone is restricted as is access to the yard and canteen.

Governors in Maghaberry have tried to explain that this restrictive regime is a result of action being taken by the POA (Prison officers Association) over a dispute around overtime. They have been told by Roe 4 prisoners that this is not acceptable and have been reminded that even before this action by the POA the phasing in of less restrictive controlled movement under the terms of the August Agreement had not been adhered to and in fact the Republican prisoners are now under a more restrictive regime than they were prior to them taking protest action.

Roe 4 Republican prisoners and their support groups on the outside demand an end to this latest abuse of Republican Prisoners and call once again for the implementation of the August Agreement.



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