Resuming transmission. . . again. . .

indexWhile I’d intended to get back into the swing of things at the start of July, after a nice little holiday break involving a couple of Seth Lakeman gigs in the west country, a brief idyll in Cornwall, a visit to Cork, a garda raid in Wicklow, and chilling out in London and Belfast, I managed to pick up a very bad case of the flu in London at the start of July.

The flu made me very lethargic and so I’ve not been able to get much done for this blog, or much else.  It finally seems to be going, the hearing in my left ear has returned, and I’m feeling a bit more energetic.  I’m massively behind in stuff that I wanted to write, but am now able to start getting back into it.  So my plan is that the blog will start to come back to life over the next two-three weeks.

I’m also still looking for more contributors.  Keep in mind that this isn’t an ‘open’ blog; it’s a specifically socialist-republican blog, so I’m looking for socialist-republican/class-struggle/Marxist analysis of Irish history, politics, society and economy, as well as more newsy articles and features.  Book, film and music reviews are also very welcome.

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  1. EmmetRising_1803

    Is there an e-mail address to send where one could contact you about making a contribution?

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