éirígí to hold series of anti-private banking protests

Cathaoirleach éirígí, Brian Leeson, has announced that the socialist-republican party are to hold a series of anti-private banking protests in Dublin and Wicklow (see below).  Come along and spread the word amongst your family, friends and work mates.

5pm, Thursday, July 11, Bank of Ireland, Ballyfermot, Dublin.

5pm, Thursday, July 11, Artane Roundabout, Malahide Road, Dublin.

11am, Saturday, July 13, Dargle Bridge, Bray, Co Wicklow, Dublin.

5pm, Thursday, July 18, Bank of Ireland, James’s Street, Dublin.

Speaking in relation to the Anglo Irish Bank tapes controversy Leeson said, “The content of the Anglo-Irish Bank tape recordings has caused widespread revulsion across this state and beyond.  The arrogance, vulgarity and cavalier attitude of the bankers is particularly galling to families and communities that are having to live with the reality of mass unemployment, enforced emigration, underfunded public services, reduced incomes and increased taxation.

“The tapes provide a unique insight into not just Anglo but also the ruling class in the Twenty-Six Counties.  They confirm what many have long-suspected, that the super-rich regard the rest of us as pawns to be exploited, manipulated and sacrificed in the interests of their golden circle.  The only surprising thing about the tapes is the fact that they were released at all.

“The response of the political class and the mainstream media to the tapes has been particularly disingenuous.  Their feigned shock and attempts to portray the Anglo bankers as the proverbial rotten apples should be treated with complete contempt.  Anyone who has ever had any dealings with Ireland’s bankers, property developers and other ‘captains of industry’ will tell you that arrogance and ruthlessness are not the exception but the absolute rule.”

Calling for a complete overhaul of the banking sector Leeson said, “Five years after the collapse of the entire private banking sector and the Dublin government are still only talking about setting up an inquiry.  Five years on and the people of this state have to rely on leaked tape recordings to find out what actually happened.  Five years on and the only people to have been sentenced in relation to the banking crisis are two éirígí activists who were convicted on trumped-up charges arising from a protest outside Anglo headquarters.

“The problem is not what happened in the private banking sector back in 2008 but the very concept of private banking itself.  To condemn the Anglo bankers or any other private banker is akin to condemning a predator for attacking its prey.  The Anglo Irish bankers and all the other bankers only did what private money-lenders have always done.  They encouraged as many people as possible to borrow as much money as possible so that they themselves could make as much profit as possible.  That is how private banking has always worked and will always work.

“It is completely negligent of the state to hand over the provision of all business and private credit to a private sector which has repeatedly shown itself to be nothing more than a motley collection of greedy money-lenders.  The last ten years have amply demonstrated the folly of that approach.

“The only credible alternative to this form of casino capitalism is for credit to be provided through a mixture of state and not-for-profit credit providers.  The basis of such an alternative credit system is already in place with the likes of An Post and the Credit Union network.  It would be relatively easy to create viable alternatives to the private banks if the political will to do so existed.  And that political will cannot come from a political class that are behoven to the private sector.  That political will can only come from the people of Ireland.”

In conclusion, Leeson called on people to join the upcoming anti-banker protests: “All across the world people are finding their voices and coming onto the streets to demand radical change.  In Greece, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt and elsewhere mass protests are having an impact.  We in Ireland also need to take control of our collective futures.  If we don’t do it now, we will have to do it from an even weaker position at some point in the future.

“I would encourage everyone to join with our protests and with other anti-banker protests over the coming weeks.  The righteous anger that people feel in the aftermath of the Anglo tapes needs to be converted into concrete political action, into a mass movement of opposition to austerity and the neo-liberal ideology that spawned it.  We need to take our place alongside the millions of others across Europe who have already decided to stand up their rights and the rights of the families and communities.”


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