éirígí welcomes trade union rejection of Croke Park II

932013-trade-unions-against-pay-talks-4-310x415Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson has welcomed the trade union rejection of Croke Park II and commended trade union members for their courageous stand against austerity.  He has also called on those trade union ‘leaders’ who urged a yes vote to stand down from their positions without delay.

Speaking from Dublin, Brian Leeson said, “éirígí welcomes the decision of the trade union movement to reject Croke Park II.  This represents a very significant defeat for the failed policies of austerity that are being pursued by Fine Gael, Labour and their Troika masters.

“The results of the various ballots that have emerged over the last number of weeks also represent a massive vote of no confidence in those trade union ‘leaders’ who have been willing to collaborate with the Dublin government and the Troika.  The time has come for those trade union ‘leaders’ to recognise how out of touch they are and step down.  They are no longer fit for purpose.  Even with all their considerable arrogance they must accept that they cannot lead the organised labour movement in the aftermath of the rejection of Croke Park II.”

Drawing comparisons between the Great Lockout of 1913 and today Leeson said, “One hundred years ago during the Great Lockout the workers of Dublin showed that they were willing and able to stand up to their bullying exploitative bosses.  And today the workers have again shown that they will not be intimidated by the threats of government and the ruling class.  The workers of this country, north and south, have rarely needed a fighting trade union movement as much as they do today.  Hopefully the rejection of Croke Park II will represent a significant step on the road to the creation of such a movement.”

Leeson concluded by commending those who had voted no, “I would like to take this opportunity to commend the memberships of the various unions for the stand they have take in the face of weeks of government threats and intimidation.  Their bravery has ensured that Croke Park II is now dead in the water.  The people of both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties owe them a debt of gratitude for the stand they have taken in the interests of all workers and our public services.”

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