Spanish Civil War event, Belfast, April 20

I did think twice about putting this up, because it isn’t just organised by Teach na Failte (which I’m obviously supportive of), but has the EU logo attached and (presumably) EU money.  I think this is problematic.  It’s better for revolutionary groups to simply steer clear of the state, including the super-state.  It’s quite off-putting to see a poster for a revolutionary left event that has an EU logo on it. . .  Even the Belfast city council tourist logo I find kinda creepy; same with the “Citizens for Peace Project”. . .

Mural Flyer

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  1. The Fellowship of Messines is also a dubious organisation. It’s a cross-community project that tries to bring people together and show them that violence is bad – by celebrating a mass slaughter in Flanders in the First World War.

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