Belfast Easter Rising parade – a chance for unity in the spirit of 1916

imagesThis year the Easter Rising commemoration organised in Belfast by éirígí in conjunction with the Irish Republican Martyrs Commemoration Committee and which usually takes place in Milltown Cemetery will be preceded by a parade along the Falls Road.  The parade will start from James Connolly’s former family home, close to the junction of the Falls and Whiterock Roads.  éirígí has already erected a party banner by the junction to advertise the parade and, over the next few weeks, will be hand-delivering 15,000 full-colour four-page brochures to doors across the city.

All this is very much to be welcomed and is a sign of the growth of éirígí in Belfast.

Hopefully, however, this parade will be open to other socialist-republican groups, complete with their own banners.

Each socialist-republican group, understandably, wants to organise its own activities and that is as it should be.  However, there are certain commemorations that don’t belong to any one group, but provide an opportunity for us to come together as opponents of capitalism and of British interference in Ireland.  The Easter Rising is one of them; the hunger strike commemorations would be another.

On these dates surely we can put aside any and every thought of party advantage and any kind of small shopkeeper proprietary thinking and join together.  There is probably less that politically separates the socialist-republican currents today than there was that politically separated Connolly and the (non-socialist) republican signatories of the Proclamation.

If they could fight – and die! – together, shouldn’t socialist-republicans today be able to combine together to organise the most effective possible Easter commemorations?

How much better than the situation of four or five different group ceremonies over the short space of a couple of days.

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