Giving Labour what they deserve – Dundalk sets great example

by Shan Van Vocht

It was great to see Labour cabinet minister the wretched Joan Burton, who used to pretend to be some kind of leftie, having to abandon a speech at Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk on February 21.  Literally hundreds of anti-austerity protestors totally drowned her out, forcing her to abandon the speech and exit the shopping centre, followed by a great swathe of chanting protestors.

This is the sort of reception these Labour ratbags deserve every time they appear in public.  While Burton accused the protesters of sullying the image of Dundalk – doesn’t she just ooze bourgeois snobbery? – I say Go Dundalk!  What a great example you have set.

The role of the Labour Party, from pretty much the moment a British firing squad ended the life of James Connolly, has been to act as a protector of the interests of the 26-county state as an institution, its local ruling class and the imperialists who stand behind it – or over and above it much of the time.

Working class advance in the south is impossible without the complete destruction of this absolutely wretched abomination of a party.  The only attitudes that progressive workers can have to it are total contempt and class hatred.  I hope it gets obliterated at the next elections and that this time people’s memories are a lot longer than in the past, where a section of workers have forgiven and/or forgotten what this bunch of aspirant bourgeois have done while in power.

I can’t for the life of me fathom why a group with solid left politics like Socialist Democracy call for them to leave the government.  The only result would be to give them a chance to renew/reprieve themselves in order to knife workers in the back again.  The Labour Party is not part of our side who have made an unfortunate mistake; they are an integral part of the enemy side.

There is an inspiring video of the Dundalk action on youtube at:

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