éirígí Water Meter Sabotage Video takes off

indexéirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has welcomed the fact that an éirígí video which shows people how to sabotage ‘water-meter-ready’ stopcock chambers has started to go viral.  The video, which was only posted on Tuesday evening, has already recorded in excess of 9,000 views.  Speaking from her Ballyfermot constituency Minihan said, “We are delighted by the early success of this video.  The fact that almost ten thousand people have viewed the video in such a short period of time is testament to the extremely high levels of opposition that exist to the new water tax.  The feedback that we have received to date has been overwhelmingly positive with many people thanking us for highlighting an effective and simple way to oppose the water tax.”

Minihan continued by defending the content of the video, “I have no doubt the usual apologists for austerity will be quick to criticize the video with claims that it is encouraging the destruction of public property, but I don’t see it that way.  The video shows people how to prevent a water meter from being fitted to a stopcock chamber that was specifically designed to accommodate one, while ensuring that the actual stopcock tap can still be used.  Nothing is actually broken or destroyed in the process; it simply ensures the chamber only performs a single function and that is to accommodate the stopcock tap.  If a family chooses to protect their access to safe, clean, drinking water by copying the video I have no problem with that.”

Opposing the privatisation of water services Minihan said, “The dogs on the street know that the fitting of water meters and the introduction of a water tax is only the first step on the road to the complete privatisation of the state’s water resources and water services.  If Fine Gael and the Labour Party think that anyone believes their claims to the contrary they are taking us for fools – between them they have already told more lies than Pinocchio.

“Over the last forty years the political establishment have given away much of Ireland’s natural resources, such as our fishing rights and our oil and gas reserves.  And now they are about to do the same to our forests and water resources.  The privatisation of the water service must be resisted from the outset and that process starts with the fitting of water meters.”

Calling on people to join a campaign of protest and civil disobedience against austerity Minihan said, “The new home and water taxes can, and will, be defeated if enough people become actively involved in the anti-austerity campaign.  The people of this country, north and south, need to follow the example of our fellow Europeans in Greece, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere.  I have no doubt that a campaign of mass protest, industrial action, civil disobedience and direct action would stop the coalition and the Troika in  their tracks.  If this generation doesn’t fight back, and fight back soon, they are going to be responsible for the infliction of endless unnecessary suffering on the generations that follow.”

The éirígí ‘Water Meter Sabotage’ video can be accessed on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PTIV2GNF-g

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