éirígí Wexford Councillor John Dwyer condemns Magdalene Laundries and political hypocrisy

JohnDwyeréirígí Wexford Councillor John Dwyer has described those politicians who have reacted with crocodile tears in the wake of the Magdalene Laundry report compiled by Martin McAleese as ‘pure and utter hypocrites’.


Magdalene Laundries: the Catholic Church enslaved groups of Irish women over several generations, with the full connivance of the 26-county state

Speaking in the wake of the statements from both opposition and government spokespersons, following the cabinet briefing by Martin McAleese, Cllr Dwyer said, “I would ask the following questions: why did successive Dublin governments decide to wait so long to grasp the nettle of the complicity of this state in the kidnapping, imprisonment and brutalisation of so many women over many generations when they knew very well that these “laundries” were operated the length and breadth of this state over many decades?

“Why is it that none of the mainstream political opposition parties ever prioritised this issue? If they had done so, in a genuine and caring way, then they could now speak with passion and authority rather than simply using this dreadful tragedy as yet another opportunity to embarrass an arrogant Enda Kenny.”

Dwyer continued, “In the past, I have proposed to New Ross Town Council that the Good Shepard Laundry at Irishtown be marked with a plaque as a place of infamy where women were treated by an unholy alliance of the catholic church and this rotten state as mere property, undeserving of compassion and dignity.

“Those senior government ministers who today attempt to excuse the operation of these laundries by publicly stating ‘that at least we have had no reports of sexual or physical abuse stemming from the McAleese report’ are quiet clearly engaged in an operation of damage limitation.

“In my view this is part of the reason why these detention centres operated with impunity for decades. It seems to me that words of compassion are being used today as crocodile tears with no real remorse and no real understanding of the damage they have caused to so many families.”

The piece above is taken from the éirígí site, here.


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