The CPI, the SACP and the ANC

by Shan Van Vocht

In the latest issue of Socialist Voice, the monthly paper of the Communist Party of Ireland, there is an article by TCM about recent events in South Africa, most particularly the Marikana massacre, and the way in which the ANC betrayed the promise of 1994.

There’s nothing in the article I disagree with.  However, there is one huge elephant in the room: the article completely fails to mention the South African Communist Party, which has long played a central role in the ANC and its evolution.  Moreover, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is rightly denounced in the article, received his political training in the SACP.  Each step of the tortured path of the ANC as it has preserved and sought to strengthen South African capital, while making it more colour-blind through the development of a black section of the capitalist class, has been facilitated by the South African Communist Party, the very party which the CPI for years held up as the model Marxist organisation in South Africa.

Not only did the Soviet bloc turn out to be a disaster for working class revolution and socialism, so did the SACP.  The CPI is, as far as I can see, yet to address these issues, yet they are important for the Irish revolution too because they relate to the connections between national liberation and socialism, what kinds of organisations are necessary to lead the struggle for complete emancipation and so on.  See, for instance, Massacring miners: the ANC, the Provos and the lessons for the struggle in Ireland.


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