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The 20 most-viewed pieces on the blog are below.  The piece on Saor Eire last week passed the 1,000 hits mark:

Saor Eire – Marxist and republican

Politics and the rise of historical revisionism

The burning of the British embassy – 40 years on

The New IRA and socialist-republicanism in the twenty-first century

Women’s rights and the national struggle, 1916-1922

A history of the Provisional Republican Movement – part one of three

The Easter Rising and the ‘blood sacrifice’

Interview with veteran socialist-republican Gerry Ruddy

Remembering Máirín Keegan, 1932-1972

A history of the Provos – part three

Chapter 4: The Home Rule Crisis

Remembering Peter Graham, 1945-1971

Smashing H Block and republicanism today: an interview with F. Stuart Ross

Turf-cutters continue protests

The changing nature of six-county society

Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography

A History of the Provos – part two of three

Republicanism in the twenty-first century – report on a meeting

Massacring miners: the ANC, the Provos and the lessons for the struggle in Ireland

Frank Conroy commemoration


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