Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes press statement

The following press statement was released on December 27:

The Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes rejects Phil Hogan’s celebratory assertion that 70% of home-owners have now paid the hated Household Tax. Michael O’Brien on behalf of the campaign said:

We would absolutely dispute Minister Hogan’s registration figures. We have consistently pointed out that the true target figure for the government is in the order of 1.8 million households not the lower target of 1.6 million which the government claim, thus inflating their figures for compliance. The government inadvertently expose themselves on this point by the fact that they claim they are targeting around 1.9 million households for the property tax.  This is the true figure but, when council houses are included, it is still an underestimate by the government but closer to the truth than the spoofing they have been pedalling to an unquestioning media throughout the year.

The true level of Household Tax registration is approximately 61% of all properties. However, through parliamentary questions, we have been able to demonstrate that the overall figure of registered properties obscures the fact that among single home property owners the boycott remains as high as 50%.

This boycott, nine months after the government deadline, compares very favourably with year one of the Poll Tax in Britain for example, where a 30% boycott of all liable adults was achieved in year one (1988) and grew every year thereafter until it was abolished in 1991.

This boycott of the household tax is a solid platform for the launch of our battle against the property tax in 2013. Many of those who paid the household tax under protest and duress, have and will continue to join the Campaign next year.  There is an economic imperative for people to resist these unjust taxes, they simply cannot pay.

The Campaign is beginning its fight against the property tax in 2013 with a National Public Rally in the Red Cow Inn in Dublin on Saturday 12th January at 12:30pm. We encourage everybody opposed to the property tax and willing to support a boycott campaign to come along.


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