Palestinian liberation

Because this blog is dedicated to Irish politics, I don’t post stuff on other issues.  However I have long been involved in Palestine solidarity activity and the other blog I’m involved in, Redline, has a lot of stuff on Palestine.  Because of the close identification of the causes of Irish and Palestinian liberation, I thought readers might be interested in some of the Palestinian pieces.  So here are some links to Palestine stuff on Redline.  This is just a small selection of the 45 or so articles we have up on that section of the blog:

Gaza: bombing without mercy

Statement of PFLP central committee on recent developments (May 2012)

Palestinian grassroots struggle: interview with Nilin activist Saeed Amireh

Israel, Palestine: the one-state solution and the issue of Israeli-Jewish nationhood

Is there are a two-state solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict?

For a campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle

Palestine, Ireland: free the political prisoners

Leila Khaled: MayDay speech, Stockholm 2011

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