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I’m currently reading Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc’s riveting little book  The Battle for Limerick City, the first work in a projected series by Mercier on the military history of the civil war.  I’ll get a review up when I’m done.  (As an aside, Liam Lynch’s role in Limerick was absolutely appalling – he really was the architect of republican defeat there, as well as in general in the war.  But more on that when I do the review!)

Reading it made me do a google search on Pádraig and I came across some very interesting stuff.  Here’s a good little piece by him about the recent attempt to whitewash and celebrate the old RIC:

I’m still well behind, however, with reviews of the Augusteijn bio of Pearse and the Ó Beacháin book on Fianna Fail and the IRA up to 1973.  However, at least I got up the review of Ireland’s Credit Crunch at long last. . .


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