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This week I’ve been a bit busy over on the Redline blog.

People might be interested in this piece: Creepy old Gandhi: demystifying the Mahatma. In it I deal with some of the myths around the reactionary old saintly Indian leader.  In a couple of days time I’ll be doing an article that goes into more depth in terms of a critique of satyagraha and how utterly hopeless it is in situations where a ruling class is determined to maintain the injustices that people are protesting about.

Due to being the main carer for my father at present and the pressures of work-work, I’m a long way behind where I hoped to be with getting stuff up on this blog.  I feel awful about not having yet reviewed Socialist Democracy’s excellent little book on the Irish economic crisis (haven’t even started writing it), or Joost Augusteijn’s generally excellent book on Pearse (I’ve got the review about half-done) or Behan’s excellent book on Fianna Fail and the IRA up to 1973 (haven’t yet started writing the review).

Work-work has eased off a lot as of late this week so I will have more time over the next few weeks to get these done as well as getting up Markievicz’s 1923 pamphlet What Republicans Stand For.

In the meantime there are now a couple hundred pieces up on the blog, including a lot of fairly meaty stuff, so hopefully readers will have plenty to look at.

And, once again, I’m always keen to hear from socialist-republicans interested in contributing pieces to the blog.



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