éirígí branch founded in County Wexford

A new branch/ciorcal of éirígí has been established in Loch Garman (Wexford), following the decision of a number of activists in the county to join the socialist-republican party.  Among the activists is John Dwyer, a former long-time Sinn Fein activist and, since he left SF in 2009, an independent councillor in New Ross.

“My reasons for leaving Sinn Féin in 2009 are already on the public record,” said Councillor Dwyer.  “Sinn Féin’s performance in government in Stormont, and in opposition in Leinster House, has confirmed to me that I made the right decision when I left that party. Like the hundreds of others who have left Sinn Féin over the last few years I found the experience a bruising one. Joining a new party is not something that I have done lightly or without a lot of consideration, but in the end I knew that working people everywhere are going to have to stand together if we are to win.”

He also pointed out, “Ireland, north and south, is in crisis. Britain continues to occupy the Six Counties and the Troika is in de facto control of this state. Unemployment, emigration, exploitation and inequality are rife. The people of this country need an all-Ireland socialist republic now more than ever and we in Wexford want to play our part in bringing it about. For us joining éirígí is the most logical way to work with like-minded people from Belfast to Cork and Sligo to Dublin.

“. . . I know the notion of starting all over again is difficult for those who have already given many years to the struggle, but what choice do we have? We need to work together to organise an effective republican opposition to the austerity programme of the Dublin and Stormont administrations, as well as the British government and the Troika. Republicans have always been to the fore of radical movements in this country, from the Land League to the civil rights movement. Today in Wexford we need to take inspiration from our predecessors and play our part in stopping Fine Gael and Labour in their tracks.”

Full article on the éirígí site, here.


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