Henry Joy McCracken commemoration

While it’s great that there’s a Henry Joy McCracken commemoration, and I wish the organisers well with this event, what I fail to understand is why individual socialist-republican groups organise commemorations of people who belong to all of us.  Why not a combined committee of representatives from the different groups, and independent left-republicans, to organise an event like this, with support and speakers from all the groups?  How many of these separate commemorations do we need?  How many will be enough?

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  1. Phil you are right it is better to have one event with all groups than 2 or 3 small commemorations being held.The committee for the Peter Daly commemoration in Co.Wexford brought together different groups at last years commemoration CPI, EirigiI, WP, SF. I R S P and independent left-republicans.

  2. WP and SF. . . That must have been interesting.

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