The Girdwood Plan – sectarianism trumps need

There is an excellent article on the Girdwood housing development plan in Belfast on the Socialist Democracy site, here.  It explains how the plan has nothing to do with objective need but is about “group rights”, specifically the allocation of resources along sectarian lines.  Sectarian division is thus reinforced.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have been pointing out that this is a carve-up between Sinn Fein and the DUP.  On the part of the Shinners, it is indicative of their shift away from republicanism and toward Catholic nationalism in the north.  There is a division of resources – whatever the British state is prepared to supply – with the DUP ‘representing’ the ‘Protestant’ section of the population and the Shinners ‘representing’ the ‘Catholic’ section.  Read the IRSP condemnation of the sectarian carve-up here and the North Belfast IRSP statement calling for a non-sectarian vision for Girdwood here.


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