Alternative Version of Referendum Commission Booklet Launched









Statement from éirígí: 

Following mounting criticism of the pro-treaty bias of the Referendum Commission, éirígí has produced an alternative version of the Referendum Commission’s Austerity Treaty booklet.

The alternative booklet includes the anti-treaty analysis that the Referendum Commission excluded in its original document.  Speaking following the online launch of the alternative booklet éirígí’s Daithí Mac An Mháistir said, “The Referendum Commission is meant to provide people with non-biased information to help them make an informed decision in referenda.  This is not what has happened during the course of the Austerity Treaty campaign.

“The Referendum Commission has been reduced to a proxy press office for the Yes campaign.  Both the letter and the spirit of the Crotty judgement have been completely abandoned by those who run the Commission.

“The booklet produced by the Referendum Commission is nothing short of a disgrace, putting forward the position of those who actually wrote the Treaty without the counter-balance of those who are opposed to the Treaty.  All of the text within the booklet is couched in the language and the politics of those who are intend on forcing years of austerity down the throats of the people.

“The alternative version of the booklet contains the arguments against the Treaty which should have been included in the original version.  We hope that it will go some way to addressing the appalling prejudice that has emerged from the Commission.”

A copy of the alternative Referendum Commission booklet can be accessed at the following link


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